Who is Sophie?

Hi, as the blog’s title may indicate, my name is Sophie and I like to sew.

I remember my grandmother teaching me basic hand-stitching techniques with a needle and thread on an old envelope so as to keep me busy so my mom could take care of my little brother.

I remember my mom making little dresses for my barbie dolls, and me contributing “design suggestions”. Fairly ambitious for a 6-year-old.

I remember going to the dressmaker with my mom and looking at swatches and fashion magazines and patterns while she had her fittings.

I remember drawing dresses from as early as I could hold a pen. I have a binder full of them, and several notebooks with smatterings of ideas and sketches and notes for collections.

I remember being scared of the sewing machine when mom said that she’d sewn over her fingers once by accident and the needle had gone through her nail! I’m still veeery careful when I position my hands around the needle’s feed.

I remember seeing a post on ebay about a singer sewing machine being sold for £20. I remember convincing my boyfriend to let me have it, and renting the car to go get it.

I remember the excitement of ordering my first pattern (well, I’d made several skirts bags and dresses when I was younger, but as it’d been more than 10 years, it was my first pattern… in a while!) and buying my first (uber-cheap) fabric. I remember slowly tracing it, cutting it, assembling it. And having it go wrong. Undoing seams, redoing them, moving things around. And to top it off, because I was losing weight, having to take it in about 4 times. I wore it only once. It’s too embarrassing to wear in public.

I remember it all as if it were yesterday, and yet if you go back to those first seams on an old envelope, it’s been more than 35 years. And I’m still as excited as that 5-year-old who, upon discovering what can be done with a big piece of fabric, thread and scissors and some imagination, starts to dream.

This is a little blog dedicated to documenting those dreams.

7 thoughts on “Who is Sophie?

  1. eurydice13 says:

    Hi Karen,

    Congratulations on the engagement and on setting the date!

    I would love to make your dress, but even though I do sew quite a bit, I do it as a hobby. I wish I could help more, but not being professional I can’t honestly say that i can make a wedding dress. They’re huge projects…

    I’m sorry that I can’t help with that, but if you need anything else, or just to talk about fabrics and shapes, let me know. I do love dresses, and dressmaking, and talking about it 🙂

    Commenting here is the best option to get in touch, as I get an immediate email notification 🙂 (And if this posting isn’t public, perhaps I can reply with my email address or phone number next time. Oh, are you based in the UK?)


  2. Kate says:

    Hi Sophie,

    Love your website! I have a vintage jacket that isn’t anything special but I have loved it to death. I have a sewing machine but in no way shape or form am good enough to reline it. Is this something you might do and if so can you give me an idea of cost.

    K xx

  3. Arthur says:

    Hi Sophie,

    Wondering if you are interested in a freelance sewing job. I’m a student in london and am totally clueless about sewing and need someone to produce 12 pouches for a small project. The website I attached has details of the project but it will be easier if I could get in touch with you as soon as possible to run you through the details if you’re interested!

    Also it might interest you that I’m also from CSM =) have a look at the site and drop me an email to get in touch when you can! it’s slightly urgent so can’t wait for your reply

  4. Barbara says:

    Hi Sophie
    I am looking for some one who can work on a smal scale project fo designing swimwear from different garments. this project will involve, designing, and sewing samples.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in such a project
    I look forwrd to hearing fomr you soon

  5. Jane Staffieri says:

    Hello Sophie, My daughter designed bags, made them and hoped to start her own business.Tragically she died of colon cancer in 2011. Recently her husband gave me all of the bags. There are all kinds. Some of them are not finished needing lining or straps. I don’t have the skills to complete them. She had some really original ideas. I wonder if you would be able to finish the bags. I’d really like to see her designs become successful. Could you advise me. Thank you. Jane

  6. Jane Staffieri says:

    Hello Sophie, Trying again to leave a comment. My daughter designed and made bags and hoped hoped to have her own business but tragically died of colon cancer in 2011. Recently her husband brought round all of the bags. She had some very original ideas. A few of the bags were not finished, needing lining or straps. I wonder if you could help with advice on where to get them finished as I don’t have the skills. Sarah gained a degree in shoe design from Cordwainer’s. Thank you Jane

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