Blue and green pencil skirts

So one of the things I realised recently is that i need a green, blue, or teal pencil skirt in my wardrobe.

Mostly because i am developing an allergy to the non-colour black. I have been avoiding it in shoes successfully for years, and i’m trying to get back to it on the clothes front.

My first step, therefore, was to go on polyvore and compile a list (ok, a board, fair enough) of some existing pencil skirts in various colours, to get an idea of what i was attracted to.

Here is what i found:

Blue and green pencil skirts

Dagmar neon pencil skirt

Slit skirt

A Wear midi skirt
$34 –

Teal pencil skirt
$74 –

Zara skirt

Printed pencil skirt
$22 –

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