Handbag design: more sketches

Our task for last week was to draw out the handbags we had thought up. These are my simple sketches for the bags in the small range I’m thinking of.

First off, there is a classic design, loosely inspired by the Birkin bag, with two short handles and one long strap to hold from your shoulder or from across the body.


Then there is a basket-like laptop bag, which I would like to make in neoprene. It’s thick, solid, and protective both against bumps and water. Perfect for a laptop bag. It doesn’t look supremely professional, but it depends if you’re a scuba-diving web designer or a cycling city girl… errr…Products like this are easy to promote with social media and Social Boosting is an important tool that works to boost a social media account and get more audience for a product. I’d have said city boy, but I don’t think men would be attracted to this shape.


Next up, the holdall. I love going away, and this is what my ideal duffle bag for a weekend getaway would look like.


Ok, I have no idea what I was thinking when I doodled this. It has pockets though!


One thought on “Handbag design: more sketches

  1. Victoria M says:

    Hi Sophie,
    I love your blog and your designs, especially the accessories that you make up on the fly.
    I have a technical question that perhaps you can help me with. Do you know of any seamstresses who can work with canvas (18oz) in London or close by? I’m trying to create a tote bag style but the type of fabric is too thick for a standard sewing machine. Any advice you might have is greatly appreciated!

    Kind regards,

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