Blue dress: unhemmed, but done!

Blue Jersey dress (almost finished)

Blue Jersey dress (almost finished)

My ploy worked! Hurrah!

Flipping the dress inside out and hand-sewing worked out like a charm!

The only tricky bit was the join under the underarms (quite a bit of fabric there, some last minute embroidery scissor chopping required).

Am fairly proud of this 🙂 It’s my first foray into patternless dressmaking. Well, there were the 2 other incarnations of the dress in strapless and sleeveless versions, but this one adds sleeves and a more complex neckline, so there. Woo hoo!!

Tonight I hand-sew the hem, and I just need to wash it and I can wear it as of next week.

Blue jersey dress (shoulder detail)

Blue jersey dress (shoulder detail)

Very excited!! In great part because I can now move on to the next project, and in this case I have a choice of 2, for variety!

  1. Dress for a friend who’s going to a wedding in the last week of October.
  2. Handbag for me in dark brown. Chanel 2.55 shape in oversize, Dior cannage quilting, dark brown snakey pleather fabric.

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