Crazy geo-print dress

Geometic print dressHurrah! After a bit of hand-sewing last night, I have firmly attached the collars facing, and it now looks properly finished.

Ready to insert the zip in the back with basting. I may take the dress with me to Greece (on holiday next week) in order to do all the other hand-sewing finishing touches (including hemming, with mom’s help). Not sure I’ll bring it, but it’s a good idea to attach the zip with basting first, baste the back of the skirt, and try on the dress properly before hand-sewing the zip into place for real. Yes, I hand-sew zippers into my dresses. Despite having a zipper foot, I do not trust it. And hand-sewing gives me much more control and detailing, allowing me to truly put in an invisible zipper!

The step either right after or right before (or at the same time) as the zipper, shall be to sew in a nice ribbon on the inside of the dress where the waist is. It will act as an invisible belt, keeping the dress nicely in place around my waist. This will have to be very precise, and well-coordinated with the zip, as that’s what will effectively keep the ribbon pulled tightly around me. Tricky. But one of my better ideas, as I would rather wear the dress without a belt, but can see that it would benefit from having one. Hence the idea of the hidden ribbon.

I always get very excited when it’s zipper time. Mostly because i’ve messed up my fair share of zippers. And also because once that is in, you get to try on the dress and it’s almost as if it is complete!! Weird that I’m _this_ jumpy, given that this is more of a winter dress, but YEY!!

All I’d have left post-ribbon-and-zipper is the hem (long-winded but straightforward) and the cuffs. Am considering putting in actual buttonholes and a bit of a flat cuff, to make for a tighter sleeve. I shall check my reference books and see if I can, as I’ve already cut a regular sleeve. Although, perhaps an alternative of loops and buttons (to only narrow the sleeve on the forearm) will be sufficient. We shall see!!

First fitting!

First fitting has gone well!
Brought in the (very) pink dress, and my friend tried it, and it fit nearly perfectly!! It needs to be made narrower in a couple of places, but YEY! First fitting for a dress for someone else has gone well!! Brilliant!!