Quand le chat n’est pas là…

Les souris DANSENT!! (when the cat is out, the mice dance)

My boyfriend will be out of town for the following 2 evenings, which leave me with the flat to myself!! I wouldn’t normally be so ecstatic, but somehow I feel elated to not have to worry about forgetting a needle on the table for a minute too long, or leaving the sewing machine out overnight. *sigh* bliss.

Sewing Goodies!

So. To celebrate…. I bought FABRIC!! There’s some nice & basic red cotton jersey, to be turned into a strapless body-con dress (very basic). And some crazy patterned very slightly stretchy heavy brushed cotton to be turned into a slightly 50s-style playfully glamorous dress, as per Vogue’s V8615 dress pattern (in photo below).

Vogue V8615 dress