Nobody wears white anymore…

Everyone is SO into black, and I hate it so much, that I decided to make myself a white cotton jersey dress. I got this far in a single afternoon using only pins, scissors and hand-stitching.

The pattern is bias-cut A-line skirt, fitted body with front and back princess-seam-like darts, and angel-wing sleeves.

The plan was to wear it at my birthday party on friday, but that didn’t quite work out as I didn’t have time to finish it on Thursday (was ill. Blah.)

Ironically, I ended up wearing a little black dress. At least everyone said I looked great, so there’s some consolation. 🙂

I built the dress directly on the doll, using quite a large amount of pins, and then sewing the seams and darts by hand. The next step is to run it through the machine to turn them into proper solid stitches, and then I can start working on the finishing touches. Lace applique, hem, sleeves, and the collar (which, being draped, is quite tricky). Plan is to work on it tonight and tomorrow night, so I’ll have it to wear for next weekend. Nothing is planned, but I’ll have an extra dress.

Now if only I could have it in greyish blue… (the colour of my eyes). Wonder if I should, perhaps, dye it?