Splatter dress!

There is a dress that I love and have four of.

The Myla from the pretty dress company.

I own it in cobalt blue, black and white. And eventually I might own it in all the colours. I adore this dress.

I also love wearing white. As a Greek, it suits me and feels like home. But sometimes, in a town like London, it’s a bit bright. So I decided to buy an extra Myla in white and maybe dip dye it or paint on it or something. Make it different. I wasn’t sure how.

Then my best friend Dana said “hey, I got a bunch of spray paints in colours you like”. And so… the white dress…


I sprayed some ice blue in the traditional manner at the bottom, then got flicking caploads of spraypaint onto the dress.

LOTS of flicking.

So much flicking, that my arm hurt the next day.

And you’ll notice there are a dozen colours on there, including two pinks, two yellows, and 8 blues and greens!

We clearly didn’t think that crazy splatter dress was enough… because we also made a splatter necklace!! (In the bottom right)

It was a LOT of fun.

And as a bonus I am no longer worried about staining the white dress. Whatever I drop on it will just blend in with the rest of the splatter.

Last week I ran a workshop at work, and wore it. I felt awesome with the swing skirt, the pockets held my work passes, and the splatter gave a colourful crafty creativeness to the bright white boardroom.

It also looks great for going out for brunch on the weekend.

To splatter a dress, spray paint into the cap of the can, and flick the can towards your canvas. That is genuinely it.

Though I did get all perfectionist about it and made sure I changed my angle of flicking to be radial from the waistband to the edges of the circle skirt…. Once a geometry nerd, always a geometry nerd…

Have fun!!!

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