I made a wedding dress!

Paola & Francesco's handfasting

These are my good friends Paola and Francesco. They just got handfasted last weekend. And yes, the title of this post gave it away… I made the wedding dress. It is very simple, and fitted Paola beautifully! I’m so happy she asked me to make it!! It was a very busy month, and a very blessed one. Despite finishing the dress last week, I have yet to put away my sewing machine. And I may not put it away any time soon.

So. How did this come about? I’m not sure. But there were a few hints along the way… Nothing major. I couldn’t very well give the game away… but I sure was happy to be working on it, so glimpses of this made it to my #365 project on instagram.

So yes. The dress is complete, and has been worn. Tomorrow, the bride leaves on her honeymoon. The handfasting was beautiful, the couple surrounded by people who love them very much. Everyone was happy to be there, happy for them, happy for everything. It was a great day! And I am grateful to have been such a huge silent part of it. 🙂 I like it backstage. The perspective is breathtaking!


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