Flower arranging for newbies

This, I learnt the hard way. And again, there was a hint in my instagram feed

My friend Zoe was getting handfasted and wanted a very specific bouquet. Thankfully, I had been with her to a wedding show and knew more or less what kind of flowers and arrangement she had in mind. Red roses, vines, a bit of flowing, maybe some spiky feathers in the mix to add to the gothic feel… So one sunny afternoon, the day before the wedding, a friend and I sat down in her garden and started cleaning roses. We took off the thorns, and the outermost petals (many were damaged), to see how many nice big red roses we had. A limited number. With garden wire, we took 3 of those, bound them together, and added a few more around them. Then we started adding in the smaller ones. And then, at the end, we wrapped on the vine.

Somehow, after some random twisting, turning, poking, pulling and tying, we wrapped the bundle in ribbon, anchored the ribbon with a single pin, and the bouquet was done. I am happy to report that the bride looked amazing and loved her bouquet! 🙂


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