Blue Tuesday…

Very very blue…

Not in the mood for anything much, and didn’t want to think. So I plotted my next project: a jacket. And then, of course, I went out like a happy bunny and bought the fabric required for it. Spent a whopping £48 on teal wool/polyester blend (50-50, which is a good blend), basic beige fleece, and a very very very pretty striped lining that Helen from the Woking Singer shop showed me. I’m generally scared to death of stripes, but I liked it so much, I’m going to brave them!!

So last night I laid out the fabric and started cutting. That’s cutting through 6 (yes, SIX) layers of fabric. 2 wool, 2 lining and 2 fleece. Let me tell you, it gets tough on the fingers! I’m mightily proud of my scissors, and grateful that the table isn’t in overly sensitive polished wood and can take the pressure.

I only managed to completely cut 2 of the 3 pieces you can see laid out above. Tonight I finish off the last one and depending on whether the table is required for Xbox surgery (M$ refused to fix the red rings of death, BF tried on his own, managed, but a week later it bust again so he’s planning a repeat…) or not, I will cut the remaining… 6 I think. I doubt I will have time to begin assembly before Sunday, as we’re feeding some friends on Saturday and will need to clean & tidy up the place a bit before.

Well, at least I’ve made a good start on the jacket. Looking forward to picking out buttons and frills for it, possibly adding pockets both internally and externally (Will have to do the internal ones before I start putting it together!!) and then, of course, wearing it 🙂 It’ll be a while before I can do _that_, but at least I’m planning to have quite a bit of detailed sewing fun until then!! And that’s why I decided to do this in the first place. Hurrah!! (sort of… it’s only a sewing project…)

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