Bow tie, anyone?

Bow tie

Bow tie attempt

Well, I tried.

My boyfriend has his Christmas party tomorrow night, and it’s black tie, and my dress is red, so I figured I’d save us a few pounds and make him a red bow tie. How hard can it be, right?

Well, I found a bow tie pattern on Burda Style, and printed it out.

I went and bought £1.25 of red satin fabric from our local Singer shop.

I cut the pattern, cut the fabric,  sewed it together and all…

I thought it would be easy. But noooooooooooooooo!

a) Sewing such a small detailed thing straight? Not easy.
b) Flipping it inside out? Not easy.
c) Flattening it because the satin is totally poofy and rotating back in on itself? Not easy.
d) Getting a professional finish at the place where the 2 long pieces join? Not easy.
e) Convincing my (italian) boyfriend that a shiny red bow tie doesn’t make him look effeminate? Impossible.

So today i went and bought him a real black silk bow tie from Debenhams.

Can’t win them all.

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