I think I like purple…

Akira skirt. Monsoon. £75 (sz 10 please!)

Akira skirt. Monsoon. £75 (sz 10 please!)

I have had an issue with purple since I had a professor who wore everything in that colour. We’re talking glasses, binders, attache case, shoes, hair, pen, ink of pen, the works. One day she walked into class in a blue dress and said “I’m sorry class, today is laundry day”. We all burst out laughing.

Thing is, she wasn’t the nicest teacher. Or the most accurate. And me correcting her didn’t help get me into her good graces (or good grades). So as a result I developed an allergy to purple of all shades. Until september 2009, that is. 09/09. A memorable date.

I think it’s the shoes and bags that did it. And now I am drooling over this skirt from Monsoon. At £75 it’s extortionate, even for wool. But even if it is a simple skirt to make (Less than 2 hours from tracing the pattern to walking out the door) where oh where might one be able to find such delicious fabric?!?!

Suggestions/tips in the comments (if there’s anyone reading this…) Ta!!

2 thoughts on “I think I like purple…

  1. Natale says:

    Welcome to the purple fold, little one! You’ve been away for far too long.

    Having said that, you’ve gotten over your unreasonable prejudice againt purple just in time. It’s going to be everywhere this winter!

    And before you start ranting, this is my breakfast break. I’ll go back to packing in bit. Sheesh!


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